Itty Bitty Mod Pendant
Itty Bitty Mod Pendant Itty Bitty Mod Pendant

Itty Bitty Mod Pendant

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You can change the marble in this solid sterling silver pendant. Just grasp the marble and pull it out! Choose a new color and get a whole new look. The patented tension mechanism holds onto the marble while you're wearing the jewelry, but then releases it when you change it.

Beautiful and modern, this particular style really lets the light through the marbles to showcase the color. You'll love the elegant design and versatility as you change your look!

Includes the Itty Bitty Marble Set.



Fine pendant
Interchangeable fashion marbles
Faux pearls, created opals, semi precious gemstones, precious metal charms and more
Quality solid 925 silver construction
One piece...endless looks!


Technical Specs

Solid nickle-free 925 silver construction
Includes the Itty Bitty Marble Set
Itty Bitty marbles are 10mm in diameter

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